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The Valkarys - Since I was Fifteen Desert Orange 10" Vinyl Was £10.00

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Image of The Valkarys - Since I was Fifteen  Desert Orange 10" Vinyl Was £10.00
  • Image of The Valkarys - Since I was Fifteen  Desert Orange 10" Vinyl Was £10.00

Limited Edition 10" Desert Orange Vinyl EP from Edinburgh's finest psychedelic band, The Valkarys. Includes Download Code

psychedelic/garage rock quintet who are thinkers, believers and doers.
Formed in Edinburgh, and having had a stint in London, they consist of Scott Dunlop - guitar and lead
vocals, Sarah Ross - vocals and percussion, Kier Lavin - guitar, Stephen Paget - bass and Wayne Hoy -
drums. Drawing influences from the likes of The Beatles, Velvet Underground, The Brian Jonestown
Massacre, Bob Dylan and The Verve when one listens to both their back catalogue and the new release,
these shine through in abundance.

The Valkarys are no strangers to this business. Having formed in 2006 they have two EPs and two
albums under their belt to date. Debut album The Average can Blind you to the Excellent (2010) was
lauded by Carl Barat of The Libertines, who played tracks at his London club nights. This was followed
by EPs Psychodelica (a play on words in tribute to two fellow Scottish bands; Primal Scream and
Jesus & the Mary Chain) in 2013 and Chloroform in 2014 before second album (Just Like) Flying with
God was released in 2015.

With a change in line up and the addition of a female vocalist, 2016 is the time to announce their presence
with the release of their latest EP Since I Was Fifteen which will be released on 10” orange
vinyl and digital download on Friday 28th October. The release will be accompanied by a UK tour and
a slot at Zaragoza Psych Fest, Spain.

Sounding more like they come from New Mexico rather than Scotland, The Valkarys have an affection
for Spaghetti Westerns and their desert inspiration is reflected in the cover of this release as well as a
heavy influence on the sound they create.

Consisting of five tracks and opening with ‘Grandma’, a pacey number with playful dual vocals and
jangly tambourine creating a sway within the music before ‘The Time’s Today’ takes hold with its
emotive lyrics, beautiful guitars and a probing bass line. Title track ‘Since I Was Fifteen’ is the showcase
track with guitar slides, a hypnotic melody and Sarah’s vocals soothing the listener into submission
before the upbeat ‘I Cheated Time’ takes off. This summer packed tune presents rolling guitar
riffs driving the tempo, with rhythmic drumming completing the ensemble. They conclude with ‘Crazy
Shoes’, a swooning acoustic guitar number with more than a passing hint of a Beatles riff present, this
is the perfect track to end this aural experience.

The time is now, so sit back and let yourself fall into the music - enjoy this EP in all its glory as this is
The Valkarys.

For fans of: Psychic Ills, The Coral, Christian Bland & The Revelators